‘Shocking!’ Ex-traffic warden fined £400 for parking on ‘faded’ double yellow line

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Lucas Taylor, a 40-year-old ex-traffic warden, has hit out at his local council after he was fined over £400 for parking on a double yellow line for three months. He also claimed that he should never have been fined due to a legal loophole.

Mr Taylor parked his Vauxhall on a double yellow line on Abinger Road in Brighton.

However, he claims that the markings were badly faded out and barely visible.

According to his own knowledge as an ex-traffic warden, this means he should never have been fined because the parking restrictions are not valid.

Motorists across the UK can appeal their fines if they are punished for parking on markings that can’t be clearly observed.

Mr Taylor has, therefore, refused to pay the fine.

Unfortunately for him, the council did not agree and the ex-traffic warden now has to deal with bailiffs.

Mr Taylor told The Sun: “The lines are absolutely shocking.

“I’ve been parking there for three months. Loads of people have.

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“Then they started ticketing.

“But they can’t enforce them – the lines are completely weathered.

“You can barely make them out.

“How can you break parking laws if you’re unaware that they are there?”

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Brighton and Hove City Council have ordered Mr Taylor to pay £424.

The ex-traffic warden turned window cleaner also received a “formal notice” informing him that bailiffs will be sent to his house.

Mr Taylor, however, is not giving up despite losing the initial appeal.

He said: “When I was a warden, I would never ticket cars parked on faded or broken yellow lines.

“You just can’t do that. I’ve spoken to friends who are parking wardens and they agree that the fine shouldn’t have been enforced.

“If they want to fine people for parking on yellow lines, they should make sure they are visible.”

A spokesman for Brighton & Hove City Council said: “Yellow lines often become faded or patched over time due to wear and tear or repair work.

“Minor imperfections do not negate the validity of the lines.

“We advise drivers wishing to challenge penalty charge notices of further opportunities to do so.

“A tribunal, for example, is often the best way to test the validity of yellow lines.

“It is up to individual drivers whether or not they pursue these opportunities.

“In instances where they don’t our normal rules apply with regard to late payments.”

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