Seven little-known dashboard lights have very important meanings

An expert is teaching drivers what an uncommon light indicator in their car means, and has warned that this knowledge may save your life.

TikTok user Che (@chegeceping) posts his car expertise often on social media to help users “learn something about cars every day”

However, the driving expert has explained in a video that if amber helicopter-like light is flashing in your car, it is time to pull over immediately.

In a video, Che explained: “This light has fooled hundreds of millions of people! If you find that this light is on, we must not continue driving. You should pull over immediately to save your life.”

The driving expert the amber light just below the speedometer, and said: “This helicopter-like light is an engine fault light. When the light is on, our car might drive without any abnormality.”

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Che said that the engine abnormality may just be bad gasoline, but a common reason for this light is an issue with the battery.

He said that disconnecting the negative side of a car battery for ten minutes can solve the problem but you can also take it to a mechanic if you are unsure on how to fix it yourself.

In another recent video, Che explained some other uncommon yet useful light indicators that drivers should know for safety reasons, and that is any of them are on you should pull over “quickly” as it is “very dangerous.”

Che explained that the light red which looks like “Aladdin’s lamp” means there is insufficient oil in the car.

A red exclamation mark light means that the brake fluid should immediately be checked, and an amber thermometer light means that coolant needs to be added to your car.

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Another light, which looks like an amber exclamation point in a jar, means that your tires are underinflated while an amber-dotted circle light indicates that the break pad needs to be replaced.

One other light to look for is a red circle which looks like a steering wheel, which means that the power steering system is faulty.

In the comment section, some people thanked Che for his car advice, but some other commentators said that drivers should already know all these lights,

One user warned: “If you don’t know these lights, you shouldn’t drive.”

Another person said: “Bro how would you get a driver’s license if you didn’t know that.”

However, someone else joked: “So my friend should change his whole car.”

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