Searches for EVs spike alongside the most popular cars in 2022

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The Ford Fiesta took the top spot as Britain’s most popular car on cinch, with searches for the vehicle spiking by 37 percent following Ford’s big announcement. In October, Ford confirmed it would end production of the iconic Fiesta model in 2023, after 47 years of manufacturing. 

It is Britain’s most-owned car and one of the most desirable models for new drivers and those with experience on the roads.

Ford said it was looking at the future, and focused on electric vehicles and meeting the demand for its SUV models. It was a consistent global favourite thanks to its cost efficiency, compact size and easy handling.

The Mercedes A-Class saw the biggest increase in searches in 2022, soaring from the 11th most searched-for car in 2021 to the number two spot in 2022. 

Mercedes’ C-Class also proved popular, rising from 25th most searched-for model in 2021 to 11th in 2022. 

The Nissan Juke was the only new entry to the Top 20 most searched-for cars on cinch.

With the cost of living crisis gripping the nation, many drivers will be considering upfront and repair costs when looking for a new car. This may give the Fiesta a distinct advantage.

Currently, the annual maintenance cost of a Fiesta is roughly £492, compared to £580 for the average vehicle. Being Britain’s best-selling car for so long, there are a lot of parts available and in circulation.

But further down the line, Fiesta spare parts may become harder to find and therefore more expensive after production has ceased. 

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If drivers are looking for a used Fiesta, the newer the car the more chance they have of sourcing parts easily in the future.

The Range Rover Evoque, fans of which include Jamie Oliver and Victoria Beckham, dropped from 4th place to 10th in 2022. VW’s Tiguan dropped six places from 15th in 2021 to 21st in 2022.

Sam Sheehan, cinch motoring editor, commented on the data, saying: “It’s been fascinating to review what drivers are looking for in their next car. 

“For example, Apple CarPlay was the most popular feature searched for this year on cinch, showing the growing importance of in-car tech to today’s drivers. 

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“We know the make and model of a car are often the most important criteria for buyers, but it’s been interesting to see the trend in searches for larger motors, electric vehicles and specific colours – such as green and orange – during 2022.”

In a year of record petrol prices, saw a 113 percent increase in searches for electric vehicles during 2022, compared to 2021. 

Searches for EV-specific brands also saw exponential growth year-on-year; standout performers were Tesla (up 82 percent) and Polestar (up 96 percent). 

However, the end of the year saw a decline in searches for EVs, potentially due in part to rising energy prices.

Searches for EVs in October and November were down 35 percent on the monthly averages seen between January and September 2022, and down 32 percent compared to the same two months in 2021.

SUV searches were up by 51 percent in 2022 compared to 2021, with Brits enjoying the space, elevated driving position and huge range of SUV models on the market. 

In comparison, saloon cars saw a decrease of five percent in searches during 2022 versus 2021.

The trend for larger cars may be linked to Brits reigniting their love for staycations following the years of pandemic-induced travel restrictions, with 83 percent of those who took a staycation in 2021 saying they planned to do so again this year.

Black, white and grey were the top three car colours searched for on cinch in 2022. Blue and red followed closely behind, ahead of silver and green.

The most popular cars of the year according to searches on cinch in 2022

  1. Ford Fiesta
  2. Mercedes A-Class
  3. Volkswagen Golf
  4. Ford Focus
  5. BMW 1 Series
  6. Audi A3
  7. Volkswagen Polo
  8. Nissan Qashqai
  9. BMW 3 Series
  10. Range Rover Evoque

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