Sandy Munro Is Impressed By The Ford F-150 Lightning

He will tear down one as soon as it is available.

The upcoming Ford F-150 Lightning impressed Munro Live‘s Sandy Munro and Cory Steuben, which had an opportunity to see Ford’s first all-electric pickup at the Ford Dearborn Development Center.

According to Sandy Munro, Ford has a real winner. The vehicle has tons of great, usable features, starting with the massive front trunk (frunk) that looks bigger in person. Another thing is the power export feature. And a smart range estimator for trailers.

The demo ride indicated a potentially very good independent rear suspension – Cory Steuben notes that it felt like a correctly loaded truck with a low center of gravity, almost as good as it would be with an air suspension.

Munro Live‘s team checked also the undercarriage, noting that the rear suspension looks very solid and has a unique geometry.

Another element that caught the attention of the team is the “isolated” battery pack, which also appears to be unique according to the video. Not only that, from separate reports we know that the 300 miles (483 km) of range might be a conservative approach (see specs here).

Those are interesting findings and we would like to see more details. Since the electric F-150 is scheduled for market launch in 2022, we will have to wait quite some time before another teardown project will start.

Anyway, if the vehicle is as good as promised, we must agree that electrification will have a chance to very quickly expand to the pickup segment, especially since there are 5-10 other models coming anywhere between now and 2024.

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