Samsung plans to supply high-tech chips to VW – 5G enabled, can handle much heavier computing loads –

Samsung Electronics has recently revealed a new series of advanced chips for the automotive industry, capable of handling heavier computational and electrical loads that modern infotainment systems demand.

The move is part of the tech giant’s efforts to respond to growing market demand, and according to Reuters, Samsung also plans to go against cross-town rival LG Electronics, which currently supplies chips for Volkswagen’s infotainment system.

The new chips were developed by Samsung’s logic chip design business System LSI. Among the supported features is 5G connectivity for downloading data-intensive content, such as streaming high-definition videos during transit. There’s also a power management chip to ensure stable electricity supply.

A third chip is an infotainment processor that’s powerful enough to handle up to four displays and a dozen cameras at once. This has reportedly been fitted to Volkswagen’s high-performance computer called In Car Application Server (ICAS) 3.1, developed by LG Electronics’ vehicle components business, Samsung said.

Both Samsung and LG Electronics are keeping close tabs on the global expansion of smart electrified vehicles, which creates more opportunities to sell advanced chips and other cutting-edge components, analysts said.

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