Sainsbury’s implements new 50p charge in petrol stations

Hypermiling: Drivers go to extremes to conserve fuel

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Drivers are being warned about a major petrol station change that will see them fork out 50p every time they inflate their tyres. The service used to cost 30p for three minutes but will now increase to 50p for five minutes. 

Sainsbury’s has recently infuriated motorists after it announced that the cost of inflating tyres will increase by 20p. 

The supermarket giant follows in the footsteps of Asda, Tesco and Morrisons which are already charging 50p for the service. 

A spokesperson from Sainsbury’s stated: “Back in July, we started offering customers five minutes rather than the previous offer of three minutes, with each minute remaining at 10p per minute.

“This is in line with the wider market offering and based on customer feedback.”

Many drivers have taken to social media to express their feelings about the change. 

One Twitter user wrote: “The tyre pressure machine at Sainsbury’s Banbury went up from 30p to 50p.”

They continued: “It has always been 30p. Now they hike it 66 percent. Same machine. Just a sticker over the price.

“OK, it’s a small thing. But there are so many opportunistic price rises happening now.”

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Inflating tyres to the right pressure is not only vital for safety, but it also helps save petrol and diesel.

It is estimated that 57 percent of tyres on Britain’s roads are underinflated costing motorists up to £1billion a year.

According to TyreSafe, a UK charity promoting tyre safety, cars tend to burn on average three percent more fuel when tyre pressure is six PSI below the recommended tyre inflation pressure.

Furthermore, for every 10 percent a tyre is underinflated, its wear can increase by about 10 percent leading to even lower fuel efficiency and unsafe driving.

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Drivers are therefore urged to check their tyre pressure regularly, as it can help preserve the fuel for as long as possible.

If the tyres are even slightly distorted due to incorrect tyre pressure, drivers will be using more fuel to keep the car running smoothly.

This is because of the added friction while driving that comes from a misshapen tyre.

All new tyres purchased in the UK come with an EU Tyre Label, which is there to help drivers make an informed choice when choosing a new tyre.

Tyres are rated in three categories: fuel efficiency, wet grip and noise.

Fuel efficiency is rated on a scale from A to F, with an A-rating being the best result possible.

These tyres require less energy to roll and therefore burn less fuel.

So, if motorists want new tyres with good fuel economy, Kwik Fit advises people to look to the EU Tyre Label for guidance.

Drivers also face fines of up to £10,000 for not having the correct legal tyre tread depth.

If stopped by the police and the tyres are found to be illegal, motorists could be hit with three penalty points and be fined up to £2,500 per illegal tyre. has reached out to Sainsbury’s for comment. 

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