Rules on EU speed limiters set to launch in UK ‘reassuring’ – ‘drivers won’t get trapped’

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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The Road Angel Group, who specialise in speed camera detectors for vehicles, said override tools would help drivers in “the most dangerous situations”. However, they warned the initial signs from the European Commission (EC) were “somewhat reassuring” from a safety perspective.

Much of the criticism around the new EU technology has centred around safety concerns from motorists.

Many have warned of the safety risk if motorists could not suddenly accelerate to avoid road hazards.

However, Road Angel warns the new tool will “not restrict the ability” of drivers meaning motorists “act fast” if they are “really in trouble”.

Road Angel said: “The initial signs are somewhat reassuring.

“The EC has made it clear that the technology will be overridable.

“A feature we believe is vital to ensure drivers’ safety in the most dangerous situations.

“The system ‘will work with’ drivers and not restrict their ability to ‘act at any moment during driving’, which means that if you’re really in trouble and need to act fast, you’ll still be able to do so.

“With the audio and vibration-based options, an optic warning will come first if you’re over the limit, followed by an audio message if you fail to respond.

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“The EC insists that this technology won’t intervene in the driving process, rather, it is simply designed to alert you to your speed.

“The haptic (touch-based) option ‘will push the driver’s foot gently back to make the driver aware and help to slow down.’

“Again, this will be overridable, so drivers won’t get trapped in sticky situations.”

The European Transport Safety Council (ETSC) said by law, “every type of system must be overridable”.

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