Rentall Receives Industry Award

The rental software’s fleet management tool monitors vehicle damages through pictures and videos, and permit keyless entry.

Source: Rentall

A B2B software review site, CompareCamp, accorded Rentall a Rising Star Award, acknowledging its increasing user base and popularity.

Among other criteria, CompareCamp’s software reviewers evaluated Rentall’s volume of positive feedback and social mentions as a sign of user satisfaction. A published review determined that the system carries all the brand qualities users search for in a rental software. It also highlights how operators can manage rates depending on distance, promotions, and seasons among other options.

In their evaluation of Rentall’s core features, the reviewers acknowledged the platform’s versatility and extensiveness. The system’s key functions were also lauded for its fleet management tools, online reservations plug-in, and data analytics.

Citing as an example of the software’s capacity to allow operators to manage various modes of transportation, its fleet management tools allows operators to oversee car sharing, monitor vehicle damages through pictures and videos, and permit keyless entry.

The review noted that the rental software allows companies to easily track employee schedules, control rates, and adopt a GPS locator to view fleet locations. The system also offers a license and ID scanner to validate customer information, and a telematics integration to access real-time vehicle data.

The software reviewers highlighted the system’s online reservations plug-in, which allows operators to reserve vehicles, secure payments, or refund deposits online. With its credit card setup, operators can also easily facilitate payments within the platform, allowing for safe and pre-authorized payment processing. The plug-in was also noted for its compatibility with any website.

Rentall was commended for its mobile app, which allows operators to deal with contracts and forward push notifications to customers.

The review acknowledged the software’s data analytics tool’s capability to examine a company fleet’s performance. Customer satisfaction surveys and feedback data are part of these reports. The information generated from the tool also helps remove potential errors with manual documentation.

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