QUICK LOOK: BMW Concept 4 – controversial design?

Few things in the automotive world can compare to the shock and awe of seeing the BWM Concept 4 in photos, much less in real life. The sleek car provides us a glimpse into the Bavarian giant’s styling direction for future coupes, but it seems the bigger the ambition, the larger the grille becomes.

But take your eyes off the gaping kidney grille and you’ll find yourself looking at a rather sexy coupe, with slim headlights that do little to draw your attention away from the heavily sculpted body. Strong lines, a tapered roofline and a sharp integrated spoiler are the dominant features here, but gone is the Hofmeister kink, at least for the Concept 4.

For the time being, BMW has yet to unveil the new-generation 4 Series, but what do you think of the Concept 4’s looks? Do you agree with BMW Group Design’s senior vice president, Adrian van Hooydonk, when he said the car “combines perfect proportions with a clear and precise design?” Let us know, below.

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