Pulling Off the Crazy S2000 Bridge Jump In "2Fast 2Furious" Took a Ton of Work

If you’ve seen 2Fast 2Furious, you probably remember the Honda S2000 drawbridge-jump scene. It’s a perfect encapsulation of what makes this franchise so absurd and so enjoyable. Craig Lieberman, the technical advisor for the first two Fast and Furious movies, posted a video to his YouTube channel explaining how the S2000 jump was executed. Even though it was only around 10 seconds of film—including actress Devon Aoki delivering the infamous line “Smack that ass!” while in-air—it took a lot of work.

Four S2000s were built for the scene, including one rigged up with an extremely complicated remote-control system. That allowed the Honda to be “driven” with a video-game-esque steering wheel from the passenger seat of a Dodge Durango, as long as the chase car was within 100 feet. Lieberman has home movies of the R/C S2000 testing in a Florida parking lot, and notes that it took an entire day for its driver to operate the Honda with any level of smoothness.

For the actual jump, the film crew set up a ramp on a bridge in Miami. The Durango was supposed to follow the S2000 up the ramp and stop before the end. It didn’t. Lieberman says the brakes simply weren’t up to the task. The guy “driving” the S2000 from the Durango was injured when the truck’s airbags went off, but was probably thankful the film crew didn’t actually attempt to jump a real drawbridge. Amazingly, the S2000 was drivable after the stunt was all done.

It’s worth watching the full clip from Lieberman, and if you’re into the Fast and Furious, or just how big-budget automotive stunts like this are done, check out his YouTube channel and his book.

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