Proton spare parts shortage fix – fast moving and accident repair parts to be stocked up by end of June –

Earlier this month, Proton announced that it had implemented a mandatory requirement where all its dealers would be required to have at least three months holding stock of 22 fast moving parts. The move is aimed at tackling the issue of a shortage of parts for both scheduled servicing and accident repairs, which has caused quite a bit of unhappiness among customers.

A timeline for this fix has now emerged. Speaking to last week, Proton deputy CEO Roslan Abdullah said that the company is putting plans in place to ensure that the parts shortage problem is resolved.

The results of these should be seen a few months down the line, with the company targeting to have adequate stock of fast moving parts in place by the end of June. “What we define by adequate stock is three months of stock at dealerships, three months stock at our warehouses and certain number of months’ stock at our vendors,” Roslan said.

This will hopefully put to an end a long-running issue faced by the automaker, where it was previously reported that some customer cars remained stuck at official service centres awaiting parts or were only partially serviced, with what few parts available being fitted before owners were asked to return later when the rest of the parts were in stock.

As for replacement parts needed for accident repairs, Roslan said this would also follow the same timeline. “For repair parts, we’re looking at (stocks being in place) three months from now. We are identifying what are the key replacement parts for crash repairs and identifying vendors that can build us these parts,” he explained.

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