Porsche Taycan: Autocar & Porsche Set 13 New Time & Endurance Records

The team of six used two Taycan electric cars to set the performance records.

Our own contributor Kyle Conner recently set a huge record with the Porsche Taycan. It was the coast-to-coast EV Cannonball Run record, which worked to prove the Taycan’s range in a non-issue, and it may be one of the best cars on the market to set and beat speed and endurance records.

Autocar‘s Colin Goodwin came up with an idea: Team up with Porsche’s Rob Durrant, form a team, get ahold of a few all-electric Taycans, and work to set as many records as possible. In the end, the Autocar team and Porsche “set 13 new FIA-sanctioned time and endurance records for electric cars at Brands Hatch.”

It makes sense to use the Taycan for such events. It’s one of the quickest production cars ever built, sharing that unofficial title with the Tesla Model S. When the Model S Plaid and Lucid Air come to market, it will be high time to try to beat these records set by Autocar in the range-topping Porsche Taycan Turbo S and the entry-level Taycan 4S.

The team of six used the two Taycans to set records for 50, 100, 200, 500, and 1000 kilometers. In addition, they set records for 50, 100, 200, and 500 miles. To push it a big step further, the team also set one-hour, three-hour, six-hour, and 12-hour records.

Autocar calls the “crowning achievement” the 1,000 km (621-mile) record, which the team pulled off in just 13 hours. For comparison, a coast-to-coast Cannonball Run is about 2,800 miles, and the Taycan 4S pulled that off in just 44 hours and 25 minutes. Goodwin shared:

“We were delighted with the result, because the cold, wet and dark conditions made the whole thing look far from easy. But the Taycans and Porsche’s organisation were both brilliant and we drivers got much better at saving both time and battery power at the same time, as the day went on.

“One thing’s for sure. Driving high-performance EVs on a proper racing circuit is a lot of fun, and very challenging.”

Aside from Autocar’s Goodwin and Porsche’s Durrant, other team members included Le Mans winner Richard Attwood, Formula 1 racer Jonathan Palmer, and two 911 racing champions, James Dorlin and Harry King.

The Taycan 4S and Turbo S shared essentially an equal number of the records. Autocar says that while the Turbo S has a quicker lap time, the 4S requires shorter and less frequent recharging.


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