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Here’s a possible case of turning yourself in before they come for you. According to Bild am Sonntag (BamS), shared by Reuters, Porsche has launched an internal investigation into the suspected manipulation of petrol engines.

The German weekly said that the maker of the 911 has informed Germany’s automotive watchdog, KBA, the Stuttgart prosecutor’s office, as well as US authorities of suspected illegal changes to hardware and software that could affect exhaust systems and engine components.

“Porsche is regularly and continuously reviewing technical and regulatory aspects of its vehicles. As part of such internal examinations Porsche has identified issues and has, just like in the past, proactively informed authorities,” a Porsche spokesman said.

The spokesman added that the issues relate to cars developed several years ago, adding that there were no indications that the current range was affected. Porsche is working closely with authorities, he said.

According to BamS, which did not cite where it obtained this information, Porsche engines developed between 2008 and 2013 were the subject of the internal investigation, including those powering the Panamera and 911. The publication added that apart from discussions with employees, meeting protocols and “hundreds of thousands of emails” were being searched for evidence. KBA has launched an official investigation as well.

Earlier this month, Daimler reached agreements that will cost it nearly US$3 billion (RM12.6 billion) to settle civil investigations by US regulators and lawsuits from American vehicle owners. That should once and for all end the inconvenience for the maker of Mercedes-Benz, which like the VW Group, was accused of using trick software to cheat diesel emissions tests.

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