Perodua increases production capacity to 249,000 units to shorten wait list to 2-3 weeks by year end

Perodua has heightened production at both its manufacturing plants, Perodua Manufacturing (PMSB) and Perodua Global Manufacturing (PGMSB) to keep up with customer demand for its cars. Both premises are running two shifts, with PMSB and PGMSB at tact times of 1.8 minutes and 2.0 minutes respectively.

The total production target for 2019 has been revised to 249,000 units, up 2.9% from the previous target of 242,000 units. Both manufacturing plants are operating at 97% capacity, which Perodua notes as stabilised at the optimum level of operating condition; this has increased from last year’s figures of 96.2% for PMSB and 94.6% for PGMSB, while defects per unit (DPU) at both plants have recorded steady declines.

With its full-year sales target now lifted by 4,000 units to 235,000 units including 3,270 units for export markets, this leaves a considerable margin from the stated total production target of 249,000. This is in order to increase readily available stock across the brand’s model line-up, said Perodua president and CEO Datuk Zainal Abidin Ahmad.

Readily available stock levels were previously low, which resulted in excessive wait times for customers who have already made bookings for Perodua models, the CEO said. This has most recently been shortened to around an average of two months, whereas wait times previously have been much longer, he said.

Production has there been ramped up to ease the backlog, with the aim of further shortening customers’ wait times to two to three weeks, Zainal added, though this is subject to the model and variant selected by the customer. Having said that, the goal is to shorten the wait for booked units, which the firm hopes to achieve by the end of the year, the CEO noted.

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