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Unless you’ve been living on a different planet, you’ll have noticed that everything seems to going up in price these days, including new cars. It’s not just with all-new models – sometimes, even existing models get a price hike due to an increase in components and production costs.

As such, the idea of a current model having its priced revised downwards sounds very much a pipe dream, given the “biasa, harga naik” age we’re living in. Or is it? An automaker is said to be set to reduce the price of one of its models in the near future, which would baulk that trend.

That automaker is Perodua, and the intimation that a price reduction for one of the models in its line-up is coming soon was made by investment, trade and industry (MITI) minister Tengku Datuk Seri Zafrul Abdul Aziz. Speaking during the soft launch of the Malaysia Autoshow 2023, he said the automaker would be announcing the news in the near future.

“I was informed that Perodua will be lowering the car price for one of their models very soon, making an already cheap car already cheaper! Another hint, it’s also EEV compliant. Which model? Well, you just have to wait for the announcement,” he said in his speech.

The Energy Efficient Vehicle (EEV) nod essentially steers three vehicles into the picture, these being the Bezza, Myvi and Axia. It’s not known if the mention of “model” implies a product range or a specific variant in that, but it’s natural for the Bezza to be in that frame.

It’s the oldest model of the trio, having been around since 2016, with the facelift being introduced in early 2020. At present, its base versions make it the most affordable vehicle the automaker offers, with the 1.0G auto going for RM36,580 and the manual for RM34,580.

While it won’t be coming this year, a replacement is on the cards, and so it may be a case of the automaker reducing the price of the Bezza heading into its end-cycle. Or, it could be the previous-gen Axia E manual, which the company has said will continue to be produced and sold in order to meet the needs of the national carmaker’s customer base who are diverse in their requirements and income levels.

At the launch of the model’s 2019 update, the Axia E was priced at RM24,090, which continued to be the case when a range-wide adjustment was done in July 2022, post-SST. In February, the company revealed that the base variant was being planned for release after Hari Raya Aidilfitri this year, which is well, now, signaling that it could be the said model in question.

By how much, and which car, no one yet knows, but such a move would aid public perception and fall very much in line with the government’s efforts to lower the price of goods and reduce the cost of living. What do you think? Will it be the Bezza or the prev-gen Axia E manual? Our money is on the latter.

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