Perodua aiming to have 70% of its dealerships being made up of 3S centres by 2025, up from the 28% now –

Perodua is set to overhaul its dealership network and get a large percentage of its 1S (sales) and 2S (sales and service) outlets – as well as dealers that have separate sales and service/spares premises – transitioning into 3S (sales, service and spare parts) centres, with the aim of having 70% of its dealership network consisting of the latter by 2025.

This was revealed by the automaker during its 2022 outlook media conference earlier today. Under its network structural reformation (NSR) plan, the company is looking to increase the number of 3S outlets in stages over the course of the next four years.

As of last year, 1S and 2S outlets accounted for 28% and 29% of the total, with dealerships that have 1S+2S (essentially, a shoplot showroom, with a separate service and spares facility) making up 15%, with the remainder (28%) being dedicated 3S centres.

The percentage of 3S centres is expected to increase to 38% this year, with 1S, 2S and 1S+2S outlets set to be reduced partially, to 24%, 25% and 13% respectively. By next year, 3S centres will account for nearly half the network, at 48%.

In 2024, 3S centres will make up 58% of the entire network, and by the end of the NSR, the company will have reduced its 1S centres and 2S centres in its dealership network to 11% and 14% respectively, while separate 1S+2S outlets will form only 5% of the total.

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