Pavement parking SHOCK – Drivers parking on pavements could face action, says minister

Pavement parking is not illegal outside London and down to the discretion of the local council in the area. In the Capital, motorists can be penalised with a £70 fine if caught flouting the offence. Some areas of the country have previously introduced temporary bans or mini clampdown schemes to discourage drivers from doing it. Now, drivers parking on the pavement in Wales could face action, states a minister.

Deputy Transport Minister Lee Waters discusses pavement parking at the Active Travel conference in Cardiff, reports the BBC.

He said it was “not about penalising car users, but redressing the balance of power in our urban environment”.

Deputy Transport Minister Lee Waters said: “Our goal is for people of all ages and abilities to be confident that they can make every day journeys by walking and cycling, and do so safely.

“But there are barriers in our villages, towns and cities to allow this to easily happen and this is something we must look at ways of addressing – not least as part of our wider response to the climate emergency, the air quality crisis and the obesity epidemic.”

Pavement parking is thought to be particularly an issue around schools as there is an influx of vehicles at the beginning and end of the day.

An expert group will also look at other impacts of poor or inconsiderate parking across tension points in the city and country.

“This, alongside the task group shortly being set up to provide concrete advice on changing the default speed limit from 30 to 20mph are tangible things we as a government must lead on if we are serious about facilitating safe walking and cycling,” Mr Waters added.

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