Parking chaos after warden fines almost all drivers on car park

Motorists have taken to social media to question how and why dozens of motorists were slapped with parking fines at a car park in High Wycombe. The picture saw more than 15 cars parked at Duke Street Car Park, all with bright yellow Parking Charge Notices on the windscreens.

Originally posted on the Reddit forum r/CasualUK, the picture was captioned with a joke that the parking warden had “made his bonus today”.

The post, which attracted more than 10,000 upvotes and almost 600 comments, saw people poking fun and expressing anger at the situation.

One commenter suggested that they are not actually parking tickets and could be advertisements.

They said: “I’ve received some pretty creative marketing flyers on various cars over the years that deliberately imitated penalty notices. Although they never looked like this.

“They’d have to have quite a big marketing budget, though, to put them all in those sticky yellow plastic envelope things just for a car-flyer campaign.”

A motorist, who claimed to be there at the time of writing their comment, said the car park had been closed since the weekend for resurfacing.

The frustrated driver continued, saying: “But there was no notices about it. 

“We were here at 8am and came back just now to a ticket. We are appealing the hell out of this.”

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A third person suggested: “There’s no way this many people all f****d up independently, surely a computer-says-no morning.

“Sadly now all these people have to go through the hassle of proving the parking company they were at fault because somehow it wasn’t obvious enough to the pudding holding the ticket machine.”

One driver claimed that they returned from the site, adding that parking was suspended, although people didn’t pay attention and received the tickets as a result.

This was apparently not the first time it had happened to people in the comments, with one driver having a similar experience at a different train station.

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They claimed: “Not at that station, but years ago they put up signs about payments, penalties and what not during the day after many dozens of people were already at work. 

“They then went round and put tickets on all the cars there. I questioned them in the evening and they admitted they put the notices up late – they tore up my fine but I wondered how many people paid up.”

According to Bucks Free Press, parking at the site was reportedly suspended between May 13 and May 15 so Buckinghamshire Council could repaint the lines.

However, some motorists were apparently unaware and continued to park there, ultimately resulting in fines.

The baffling scene left drivers scratching their heads about what had happened and whether they would need to pay.

Many took to a local High Wycombe social media group to discuss the incident and vent their frustrations with the parking tickets.

One person claimed that they were planning to appeal since “both entrances were open” when they arrived at 7.30am, with no signs of people working on resurfacing.

Some were also angry at the situation as it appeared that there was nothing blocking access to the car park, with many drivers assuming it would be fine to park there.

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