Owner Takes Ford Mach-E GT Performance Edition To The Drag Strip

The Mach-E GT Performance Edition covered the quarter-mile in 12.657 seconds at 100.02 mph.

The owner of a brand-new Ford Mustang Mach-E GT Performance Edition has taken it to a drag strip to see how quick it is in the real world, and has shared his experience online with fellow enthusiasts.

You probably know that Ford has only recently begun deliveries of the Mach-E GT, so to our knowledge, this is one of the first examples to hit the drag strip.

Mach-E Forum user 0t60-3.5, a.k.a. Matt from Cedar Rapids, Iowa, is the lucky owner of a Rapid Red Metallic Mach-E GT Performance Edition, the fastest and most powerful variant to date of Ford’s electric crossover.

He took it to a local drag strip to experience its acceleration in complete safety and see if it’s as fast as Ford claims. Well, it appears so, though a few things need to be mentioned first.

The owner says his Mach-E GT had only 72% battery charge at the start of track tests and was not in the “Unbridled Extend” track mode, which means that all electronic aids, including traction control, were on.

Furthermore, Matt says the tire pressure may have been too high at 42 psi (warm)—Ford recommends it to be at 39. That said, he’s confident he can do better as soon as he gets back on the track. For now, he’s quite happy with a best quarter-mile time of 12.657 seconds at 100.02 mph. That’s not bad at all.

Here are the track splits:

  • 1/4 mile: 12.657 sec @ 100.02mph
  • 1000ft: 10.433 sec
  • 1/8 mile: 8.03 sec @ 86.67 mph
  • 330ft: 5.26 sec
  • 60ft: 1.99 sec

During the same run, the Dragy speed tracking device detected the following acceleration rates:

  • 0-10 in 0.58
  • 0-20 in 1.20
  • 0-30 in 1.80
  • 0-40 in 2.44
  • 0-50 in 3.21
  • 0-60 in 4.12
  • 0-60(1ft) in 3.89

In a road test 40 minutes later, Matt repeated an acceleration run and did 0-60 in 3.78 seconds (with a 1ft rollout). That’s pretty close to the official 0-60 time of 3.5 seconds and quite remarkable given the conditions.

Source:Mach-E Forum via Teslarati

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