Original Carmageddon Driving Game Returns In New Wreckfest DLC

The update is available today.

Wreckfest launched on PC in 2018, arriving on the Xbox and PlayStation a year later. They arrived on the latest console generation just a few months ago, and it might be time to pick up the controller again if you haven’t played in a while. Developer Bugbear has announced that the game is receiving a free update that resurrects a gory racing classic, Carmageddon.

Carmageddon was a Windows computer game from 1997 that blended combat elements with racing. Players were tasked with completing races while destroying their racing competitors and running over pedestrians and cows for points. Elements of that game will be included in Wreckfest, including the cows, though zombies have replaced the pedestrians. The update also includes two new tracks – original Carmageddon maps “Bleak City” and “Devil’s Canyon.” Also included in the DLC is the Eagle R car from 2016’s Carmageddon: Max Damage.

Adding to the game’s revival is the retro graphics. Bugbear isn’t updating Carmageddon‘s sprites for the game’s latest tournament, which clashes with the graphically sharp cars, though the sprites do blend well with pixelated environments, which are also unchanged from the original game. Players will still be tasked with racking up points by running over zombies, cows, and other in-game obstacles as they race to survive the destruction.

Wreckfest also relies on vehicular combat as a core gaming mechanism, and that helps highlight the game’s impressive damage physics and graphics. Players are able to mangle cars into unrecognizable metal pretzels as they compete to win races or compete to be the last car standing in a demolition derby. DLC can range from free cosmetic upgrades to pricey map packs, but Bugbear’s free Carmageddon update feels like something a bit more special. The Carmageddon update is available now across all the platforms Wreckfest is available on.   


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