Ora Punk Cat Reveals How Similar It Is To The Classic Volkswagen

The final name has been disclosed with the official renderings.

We were waiting for Auto Shanghai 2021 to open its gates for several new products, but there was one that we were really curious about. It was the most recent example of how some Chinese brands do not feel embarrassed to copy other brand’s designs. In this case, the Ora Punk Cat is a copycat of the Volkswagen Beetle, ironically the first car we remember ever to present a frunk.

We had already written about it on April 13. Profile and rear images of the vehicle were enough to tell which car Ora got its inspiration from. Understandably, the company had not released any technical details at the time. Revealing the car and its name was apparently not enough for the company to disclose more information about it.

The Ora Punk Cat had its name chosen in an internet consultation. There were six name options:  elf cat, punk cat, noble cat, Persian cat, royal cat, and big orange cat. Of the four vehicles Ora currently sells, three are named after cats: Good Cat, White Cat, and Black Cat. Auto Shanghai 2021 brought another one apart from the Punk Cat: the Lightning Cat, a smaller Panamera when it comes to design.

The only official information from Ora stresses the Punk Cat is a vehicle that the company hopes to appeal to women. It even says that the body resembles a carriage and has castle and princess drawings on its page about the car.

There’s no info on the range nor on which battery pack the vehicle uses. Ora cars normally have LFP battery packs and are known for being very affordable, such as the Ora R1 (Black Cat). Ora is one of the brands of Great Wall.

In the nostalgic interior, a single gauge is behind the steering wheel that reveals what is in the “gear” selector, speed, and at least two other sets of information we could not identify. A large horizontal LCD screen reveals the infotainment system and breaks the retro-feel of the interior, with its round air vents and green, pink, and white details.

Let’s hope Ora can disclose more information about the Punk Cat. We wonder if it will ever consider exporting the electric car. Men and women worldwide would probably consider buying one if Volkswagen is not willing to prevent that.

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