One in 10 fuel stations selling diesel cheaper than petrol in huge price drop

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The price of petrol and diesel has slowly been falling since last summer when the UK faced record-breaking costs for fuel.

In the 10 months that have followed, around 50p has been taken off the price of a litre of fuel, with many drivers benefitting at a time when the cost of living continues to rise.

New research from PetrolPrices shows that around 10 percent of all UK filling stations are selling diesel for a cheaper rate than petrol.

Tesco has emerged as a key player responsible for the shift in the average sale of petrol and diesel prices.

Around 15 percent of its filling stations are offering diesel to drivers below the price of unleaded petrol.

Of the other “Big 4” supermarket fuel stations, 12 percent of Sainsbury’s are showing cheaper diesel prices, while seven percent of Asda stores are doing the same.

While Costco only serves members, those who are lucky enough can enjoy cheaper diesel prices at almost a third of its petrol stations.

According to RAC Fuel Watch, the average price of petrol stands at 143.35p, while diesel remains around 5p more expensive at 148.92p.

Naturally, these prices are different at certain filling stations, with drivers saving between three and four pence per litre at supermarkets and risk spending between 20p and 25p over the average price at motorway service stations.

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At the end of June and beginning of July 2022, fuel prices reached all-time highs, with diesel selling for an average of £1.99 and petrol hitting £1.90.

There has also been a huge gap in the price of petrol and diesel since then, with drivers seeing a 24p per litre difference in November 2022.

Motorists have been prompted to visit more independent petrol stations as they may offer cheaper prices than the major retailers.

Brands like GO, Solo, Scottish Fuel, Nicholl Fuels, Star, TotalEnergies, and Circle K boast that over 33 percent of their sites sell diesel at or below unleaded prices.

Since 2003, diesel has consistently been priced higher than unleaded petrol on UK forecourts, but more recently the trend is starting to go the other way.

In March, the wholesale price of diesel fell below petrol and has remained below since, with some experts criticising retailers for not passing on the savings sooner.

A spokesperson for PetrolPrices said: “Diesel and unleaded prices are charging quickly currently, and competition is helping to drive down prices and ensure that UK drivers are being charged a fair price for their fuel. 

“If you see a price that has changed, please consider updating it on the PetrolPrices app to help other motorists save on their fuel costs.”

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