Official GM Sketch Imagines A Sleek Cadillac Crossover

We can spot a bit of the Cadillac Lyriq in the styling.

The cars we see on the road today had a long journey from idea to production and only represent a fraction of the vehicles designers create. Countless sketches, designs, and styles never leave the page, and rarely does the public see them. But the GM Design Instagram page has been providing peeks behind the designer’s curtain, and the latest post shows off a sleek Cadillac crossover that appears to share some influence with the Cadillac Lyriq.

One of the design’s most striking features is the elongated rear-end look. A shark fin houses a vertical high-mount brake light over the stylized roof spoiler and sloping hatch glass. The design also features the brand’s vertical taillights that cut into the rear fender with a bold, full-width lighting element bridging the two. The blanks space between the taillights and lower diffuser is shaped like the outline of the Cadillac badge, which is a neat touch.

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The rest of the sketch’s design is subdued, by comparison, showing only the rear three-quarter view of the crossover. The side features a subtle design line along the bottom that starts behind the front wheels as a vent. However, it’s otherwise typical Cadillac styling with a strong shoulder line that usually extends from the headlights down the vehicle’s side. The sketch features usual styling flare like the oversized wheels and super-short overhangs.

Getting a peek at the designs and ideas automakers create before the public sees something in the metal is interesting. Some of GM’s other sketches have shown off wild Hummer EV ideas, a bold GMC Sierra Denali HD pickup, and others. The Cadillac sketch above doesn’t look wildly similar to the Lyriq; however, we can spot a bit of the Lyriq’s elongated rear end in the sketch’s styling. And both feature lighting elements that reach up into the rear fender. 


GM Design / Instagram

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