Nyobolt EV fast-charging sports car concept adds 155 miles range in under 6 minutes

British-based firm Nyobolt has partnered with the designer of the Lotus Elise to showcase its battery tech

It’s no secret that electric car charging can be a pain at times with waiting times far exceeding those traditionally associated with a petrol or diesel fuel stop. To counteract this, Nyobolt has developed a new concept EV which it says sets a new record for fast recharging. 

Cambridge based Nyobolt succeeded in securing £50m last year to build a battery manufacturing plant in the UK and now we can see what it’s technology is capable of. Nyobolt says 155 miles of range can be added to its battery in less than 6 minutes – in comparison Tesla claims its ‘Superchargers’ add up to 172 miles of range in 15 minutes. 

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The firm has also revealed a car that utilises its 35kWh battery technology and it’s a recognisable shape to fans of Lotus. That’s because Nyobolt teamed up with Julian Thomson – designer of the original Lotus Elise and Callum – the design house founded by former Jaguar design director, Ian Callum. 

Purely a concept car, the Nyobolt EV’s performance details haven’t been revealed just yet but we can see plenty of design similarities to the iconic Elise – even if no body panels are carried over. The EV also incorporates modern technology such as digital wing mirrors and LED headlights. Nyobolt claims weight has been kept to a minimum, although it says the car “weighs closer to one tonne than two”, which could potentially mean it weighs twice as much as the original Elise. 

Nyobolt also claims the rapid charging speed doesn’t result in significant performance loss for the battery, with over 2,000 fast charge cycles having been tested. “This breakthrough translates to a nimbler, more efficient EV with a lower up-front cost, lower running costs and lower use of scarce raw material”, says Nyobolt. 

The firm concluded its technology will go into production in early 2024.

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