‘None of our business!’ Motorists thankful for Brexit as EU bans petrol and diesel cars

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On Wednesday, the European Parliament voted to back proposals that would ban the sale of new cars with combustion engines in 2035. Voting in Strasbourg, France, a majority of lawmakers backed the proposals to require automakers to cut carbon dioxide emissions by 100 percent by the middle of next decade.

And many British drivers made it clear they’re glad they no longer have to be concerned about what happens in the EU – despite the fact the same ban will happen here five years earlier.

Express.co.uk readers flocked to the site to react to MEPs passing the ban which will mean only electric cars will be sold anywhere in Europe.

Jan Huitema, a Dutch MEP for the Renew Europe Group, celebrated the passing of the bill that he introduced to Parliament.

He said: “Great News! Today my report on CO2 standards for cars was adopted. Driving will be clean from 2035.”

But commenters disagreed, with many very happy they no longer have to abide by EU restrictions.

‘Nodontsenga’ wrote: “It doesn’t affect us, though, as we’re out of the EU so this rule won’t apply to us.

“Nissan, Toyota and all the other manufacturers here will cater for the demand for UK-built internal-combustion cars for decades to come.

“Our lack of charging infrastructure will also deter EV-driving visitors from the EU. Win-win!”

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‘Tryingtobereasonable’ replied: “Well the EU 2035 rule won’t affect us because we’re doing it in 2030, five years earlier.

“What you should have said is that out of the EU it doesn’t need to affect us? Unfortunately though our own more ‘ambitious’ rules will.”

‘Funjet57’ claimed: “These eco freaks don’t live in the real world. Electric cars ARE MORE POLLUTING OVER WHOLE LIFE OF CAR.

“Where are the power stations needed to recharge 32 million UK vehicles!!!??????”

‘Mwhi’ claimed: “I just don’t understand how it came to this and virtually all establishments, not just in the EU but also here in the UK as well, have been completely taken over by bone headed green zealots that live in cloud cuckoo land at the expense of normal people.

“And all to save just one percent of the world’s carbon emission whilst… others… are the real culprits of this perceived global crisis, carry on business as usual.”

While ‘jedrules’ added: “None of the UK’s business what the EU does. OUT means OUT and the UK are OUT —— for good!”

And others pointed out the limited environmental effect they thought the rule will have.

‘Sparhawk’ wrote: “Getting rid of combustion engines will make no difference to the CO2 levels as 97 percent of all CO2 occurs naturally.

Vehicles only account for 27 percent of all emissions. What are they going to do to reduce the 73 percent of emissions not caused by Cars.

Get everyone into electric vehicles, and then stop people from travelling by switching off the electricity.

“It’s about control of the people, not about the environment.”

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