Nissan Unveils Ariya’s Paint Palette

Two colors – Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green – were developed specifically for the Ariya.

Nissan has unveiled today a bespoke paint palette for its upcoming all-electric Ariya model, which marks a new chapter of electrification for the Japanese brand.

There will be a total of 10 colors – four monotone and six two-tone options – including two, Akatsuki Copper and Aurora Green, developed especially for Ariya.

  • Akatsuki Copper: “Inspired by the Japanese phrase for ‘dawn’, Akatsuki Copper’s striking appearance mimics the brilliance of a sunrise, reflecting the beginning of Nissan’s new brand identity. Its metallic sparkle is enhanced to evoke the conductivity of copper wires, honouring the model’s advanced EV technology.”
  • Aurora Green: – “takes its name from the beautiful ‘Northern Lights’ phenomenon, aurora borealis, commonly seen in the arctic. A sophisticated blend of different tones means the colour may appear green or purple depending on the angle that it is viewed, creating a sense of wonder and intrigue.”

The next two are the Pearl Black and Pearl White, that utilizes “an all-new pigment, developed to elevate the depth of the paint and to create a rich, captivating appearance”.

And here are the remaining color options:

Gallery: Nissan Ariya Paint Palette

Nissan adds also that the innovations in the paint production line reduces carbon dioxide output by 25%

“Nissan has introduced a water-based paint which allows colours to be applied at a lower temperature, ensuring that each part of the vehicle can be painted together. This streamlines the entire application process, reducing carbon dioxide output by 25%.”

According to the latest press release, about 29,000 people have registered their interest in Ariya in Europe. Sales should start in the second half of 2021.

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