Nissan to use Tesla’s NACS charging connector for its EVs in Canada, US from 2025 for Supercharger access –

Nissan has announced it has reached an agreement with Tesla to adopt the North American Charging Standard (NACS) for its electric vehicles (EVs) beginning in 2025. This is to provide customers with more choices when it comes to charging as they will also be able to tap into the expansive Tesla Supercharger network.

Nissan is the first Japanese carmaker to announce future product support for NACS. The company joins Mercedes-Benz and Volvo, which also said it will adopt the connector, along with Ford, General Motors, Rivian and a number of EV charging companies.

In 2025, Nissan will begin selling EVs for the United States and Canadian markets with a NACS port. Before then, the company says will make available a NACS charging adapter so current Ariya models with the CCS1 charging port can be connected to chargers with NACS plugs.

“Adopting the NACS standard underlines Nissan’s commitment to making electric mobility even more accessible as we follow our Ambition 2030 long-term vision of greater electrification,” said Jérémie Papin, chairperson at Nissan Americas. “We are happy to provide access to thousands more fast chargers for Nissan EV drivers, adding confidence and convenience when planning long-distance journeys,” he added.

In June this year, automotive standards organisation SAE International announced that it will standardise the NACS connector (SAE J3400) to ensure any supplier or manufacturer will be able to use, manufacture or deploy the connector on EVs and at charging stations across North America.

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