Nikola: Three OEMs In Running For A Joint Venture On Badger Pickup Truck

Let’s guess which OEMs might be willing to join the Nikola Badger project.

Nikola Motor’s CEO Trevor Milton revealed yesterday that several automakers are interested in its electric pickup truck Nikola Badger, which will be offered as a battery-electric truck, as well as another version that adds hydrogen fuel cell technology.

According to Milton (via Reuters), “There are three (automakers) in the running right now for a joint venture on Badger, and we will announce who that is in the next few months.”

It would be quite interesting if Nikola would enter into a joint venture agreement with one (or more) of the OEMs to produce the Badger.

We wonder who might be interested in the Badger BEV and/or FCV? Ford and GM seem to be busy with their own projects. It could be an OEM that does not have an in-house project and that would like to put out an electric vehicle at a reduced investment cost.

Maybe FCA? And the hydrogen version may be a thing for some of the Japanese/South Korean brands.

The announcement is expected within “the next few months” so basically before the end of 2020, while the production should start “in 2022 or earlier.”

Nikola Badger specs:

0-60 MPH2.9 Seconds
Peak HP906
Continuous HP455
Peak Torque980 Ft. LBS
Range600 Miles
Battery300 Miles
Fuel Cell300 Miles
Hydrogen8 kg
Fuel Cell120 kW
Towing Capacity8,000 LBS
Drivetrain4×4 Independent Wheel Drive (IWD)
Dimensions5890mm L x 2180mm W x 1870mm T

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Separately, Nikola, in partnership with CNH Industrial (owner of the IVECO commercial vehicle manufacturer and FPT Industrial powertrain brand) is building prototypes of trucks in Ulm, Germany.

The site at Ulm has a manufacturing capacity for 35,000 trucks per year. The second plant with similar 35,000 truck capacity to be built in Arizona (break ground expected later this year).

The all-electric version Nikola TRE to be launched in Europe in 2021.

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