Next-Gen Mini Cooper EV Goes Big on Power and Range, Taking Fight to Fiat 500E

Mini has big plans for 2024 and 2025, with a new Mini Countryman, Mini Cooper hatchback, and an all-new Aceman SUV all arriving during that period. The Countryman and Cooper hatchback will return with both combustion and all-electric power, and the new Aceman will be EV only. What’s more important is that the hardtop hatchback will now be globally referred to properly as the “Cooper” again, so let’s break down what to expect from Mini’s most iconic model in the near future.

The New Gas Cooper

According to Autocar who got a preview of the upcoming Mini lineup, overall, the next-gen Mini Cooper is expected to keep its same overall length, but the front overhang will be shorter, with a longer wheelbase, larger wheels, and a wider track to give it a more planted, aggressive stance. It will be offered with combustion power, but it’s still unclear how far Mini will go with the tune this time around. A Mini John Cooper Works gas model isn’t out of the cards, but it may not happen in lieu of a hotter EV version that’s expected.

The next-gen gas-powered Minis, including the Cooper and Countryman, will likely only be available with an eight-speed automatic transmission and no manual option this time around, sadly. The manual option just returned to the current Mini lineup, so get one while you still can. We already wonder if you’ll be able to swap an old manual unit over to a new car easily; we’ll have to wait and see.

The New Cooper EV

Autocar claims the gas Cooper will be the first to get three-door, five-door, and convertible guises. The EV model will start out three-door only, but there are reportedly plans for a limited edition convertible model (that could be based on the current EV). The entry-level electric car will get a 40 kWh battery, possibly dubbed the Mini Cooper E, while the SE model returns with a larger 54 kWh pack.

Range is said to max out at 240 miles, up from the 150 mile range of the current SE, and all electric models will start out offering two-wheel drive. The standard Cooper E is said to get 181 horsepower, the SE up to 215 hp, and the mid-2025 slated SE JCW version could get up to 250 hp with the same 54 kWh battery, going for power over range. The price of the electric Mini is also anticipated to go up, at least in the European market.

Autocar says we’ll get the new Countryman first in February 2024, followed by the Cooper electric model in May, gas-powered Cooper in July, and then the all-new Aceman EV SUV in January of 2025, with it all topped off by a JCW EV in May of 2025. That timing almost exactly matches up with Fiat’s planned roll-out for the newest 500E electric retro-hatch, the Mini EV’s natural competitor.

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