New range-topping Alfa Romeo electric SUV to rival BMW iX

The new large Alfa Romeo SUV will sit above the Stelvio, and our exclusive image previews how it could look

Alfa Romeo is planning to launch a new all-electric SUV flagship in the second half of this decade. In an interview with Auto Express, the Italian brand’s CEO Jean-Philippe Imparato told us: “After 2026, we will go up [in size]; I’m bringing to the market in 2027 an E-segment car [a large saloon] that’s great for North America, that’s great for Europe. We will probably also say, ‘Okay, why not China?’ You know, in a built-up model in 2028.”

This ‘built-up model’ is expected to be a fully fledged SUV, which will be pitched into the sector of the market currently occupied by the Audi Q8 e-tron, Mercedes EQS and BMW iX. It will accompany an all-electric replacement for the Stelvio, which will sit on the same platform as the Giulia EV.

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Expect the new model to use the STLA Large architecture from Alfa Romeo’s parent company Stellantis. Imparato says Alfa Romeo will look to reveal the large saloon first, “because when you look at EV, you look at range and if you speak about range, you speak about sedan”. This suggests that the saloon’s superior range will make it a better introduction to the large EV sector. 

The STLA Large platform allows for battery sizes up to 118kWh. In the saloon, Imparato has said Alfa Romeo would aim for a range of around 435 miles. But this figure will probably take a hit on the SUV, given its extra weight and taller profile.

The SUV is likely to use the same motor configurations as the saloon, too; there should be a base model with 350bhp and a mid-range Veloce with around 800bhp. It’s less clear, however, if there will also be an SUV equivalent to the expected 1,000bhp, triple-motor Quadrifoglio saloon.

 There will be 800-volt charging tech on board (a first within Stellantis) and Imparato has said this should allow “around 18-minute recharging” for an 80 per cent top-up.

Alfa Romeo models that are based on the STLA Large platform should also be fun to drive, according to Imparato. Referencing the large saloon, he said: “The contribution of the guys on the chassis is key. And I took everything I have from the Balocco [Alfa Romeo’s private test track] team to provide the right level of agility.”

The Alfa boss also said: “Everything is locked in, design-wise, until 2027”. This means that the saloon’s looks have been signed off, but that the SUV, which will arrive later, has yet to be finalised.

Our exclusive image reflects how we expect the car to borrow plenty of styling cues from the saloon, but in a vein similar to the current Stelvio and Giulia. Even with a decreased need for cooling, the Turin company’s iconic ‘Trefoil’ grille will take centre stage – most likely being blanked off to reduce drag. Slim LED headlights will flow into the grille, giving the SUV an aggressive, sporty character.

Design touches such as telephone-dial alloy wheels and flush-fitting door handles should also make an appearance on the SUV, and the interior will feature the latest infotainment system Stellantis has to offer, along with leather-clad upholstery. Prices for the large SUV should eclipse those of the saloon.

A production launch isn’t likely until 2027 or even 2028, but it’s already possible to say that as a rival to existing all-electric SUVs, the car is likely to carry a price tag of around £100,000.

To help differentiate the large electric SUV from the more compact Giulia-based model that’s also under development, there’s a possibility that Alfa Romeo could even offer it with seven-seat capability.

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