New Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD gets 145bhp and 124-mile range

Specs for the all-electric Opel Manta GSe ElektroMOD have been revealed, although the German brand has no plans to put it into production

Opel is blending classic looks with cutting edge tech with its Manta GSe ElektroMOD and has revealed full specifications for the retro EV coupe.

The classic Manta A Opel selected for the project was in need of revival and has had its four-cylinder combustion engine replaced with a 145bhp electric motor. This sends power to the rear wheels through the car’s original four-speed manual gearbox, so it can be driven as a manual or, thanks to the 255Nm of torque, drivers can leave the car in fourth gear and use it as a single-speed vehicle like many other electric cars.

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The Manta is powered by a 31kWh battery for a claimed range of 124 miles, while an on-board 9kW charger means a full charge takes four hours. Brake regeneration means the Manta will recoup energy when slowing down that would have otherwise been wasted.

This is the most powerful Manta A ever, with the ‘e’ in the GSe’s tag standing for electrification. The restored car’s look reflects this new digital focus, as the Manta sports a ‘Pixel Visor’ front grille. This is an evolution of Opel-Vauxhall’s Visor grille that features on the brands’ Mokka compact SUV, only here the digital panel can display different messages and graphics.

The LED screen can show messages such as “I am on a zero e-mission” with an animated depiction of a manta ray floating across the panel, which is flanked by a familiar pair of LED running lights. The 3D tail-lights use LED technology too, paying homage to the original car’s lights.

It’s matched inside by a digital approach to the car’s dash – called the ‘Pure Panel’ – again taken from the Mokka SUV. The Manta’s analogue clocks and dash have been replaced by a 12-inch and a 10-inch display, highlighting driving data such as charge status and range.

Opel has equipped the GSe with a Bluetooth box from amplifier manufacturer Marshall to add more music capability, which Opel says is “a modern classic in a modern classic.”

The interior features some other revisions too, with a Petri three-spoke steering wheel retaining some 70s style, while sports seats from the Adam S city car feature a central yellow stripe to match the new exterior look.

Neon yellow paintwork and a contrasting black bonnet (a nod to the original Manta GT/E) combine with the Pixel Visor front end to give the Manta GSe a much more modern look. New 17-inch Ronal alloy wheels complete the design, while even the Manta script has been updated for the ElektroMOD.

Opel doesn’t have any plans to offer the Manta GSe ElektroMOD for sale, but the brand says it’s a project that proves electric driving can be fun.

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