New Mercedes EQS SUV scheduled for launch in 2022

Mercedes has announced the EQS SUV will make its debut next year – and there’s a Maybach version in the pipeline

Mercedes has confirmed that the new EQS SUV will launch in 2022, sizing up as a full-size luxury SUV using the design language and technology of the EQS limo. 

The brand has also revealed a Maybach version of the EQS SUV is on the way.

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Britta Seeger, Mercedes’s head of marketing and sales, said: “Next year we will present SUV versions of our EQE as well as of our EQS. All these cars will provide high range, first-class comfort and impressive dynamics.

“And I can promise you that we will maintain this momentum going forward. What applies to the Mercedes portfolio also applies to our incredibly strong sub brands – we want to go electric. So, you can look forward to a top-notch EQS SUV version of Mercedes-Maybach, for example.”

Like the saloon, the Mercedes EQS SUV will have cab-forward styling. As there’s no engine and gearbox eating up space in the chassis, the brand’s engineers will look to push the windscreen towards the front wheels to make more space inside compared with the petrol and diesel powered GLS SUV.

Underneath the cladding on the front, we also expect to find the same blanked-off black grille fitted to the EQS saloon, along with the same full-width daytime running light. The SUV’s headlights are a similar shape, too, albeit enlarged to suit the car’s styling.

The EQS’s rear end will look a little unusual compared with the GLS. It’s stretched out due to the cab-forward design, making the car look more like an estate in profile. This should liberate a little more legroom for rear-seat passengers and maximise boot space.

Mercedes’s design chief, Gordon Wagener recently discussed the EQS and upcoming EQE SUV’s design brief with Auto Express, saying: “They will look different in a similar way as I describe the EQS. They will be more seamless, more integrated, more aerodynamic, more futuristic looking, so it will be a new type of SUV.”

Spy shots offer a good look at the new SUV’s cabin, which looks set to receive the same 55.5-inch Hyperscreen infotainment system as the EQS saloon. The system comprises a 12.3-inch digital instrument cluster, a 17.7-inch central touchscreen and, hiding underneath the cladding, we expect there’s a third 12.3-inch unit for the passenger.

The EQS SUV should also adopt Mercedes’s Level 3 autonomous driving technology, which will allow the car to drive itself with limited driver supervision at speeds up to 37mph, when in slow-moving motorway traffic. The UK Government also recently legalised such systems for use on the road, meaning there’s no longer any road-blocks for British buyers.

Mercedes is yet to confirm any technical details on the EQS SUV, but we expect it’ll be based on the same EVA2 underpinnings as the saloon. As such, it should be offered with a similar range of battery packs and electric motors.

The EQS saloon is available with either a 90kWh or 107.8kWh battery pack, the larger of which offers a maximum range of 478 miles. We expect the SUV’s less aerodynamic shape will make a dent in that figure, but a range of at least 400 miles could be achievable.

Mercedes has confirmed specifications for two of the EQS saloon’s powertrains, called 450+ and 580 4MATIC. The first features a single electric motor mounted on the rear axle, which develops 329bhp and 569Nm of torque. The second features an electric motor on each axle which gives four-wheel drive and an output of 516bhp and 855Nm of torque.

However, Mercedes is working on an AMG-badged performance electric powertrain which develops 751bhp. The system will first appear on the EQS saloon, although it could easily be transplanted into the EQS SUV if it winds up being based on the same EVA underpinnings. There’s certainly a business case for a high-performance version of the EQS SUV, too, as Mercedes already makes a 603bhp AMG 63 version of the GLS.

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