New Highway Code rules could create a ‘sense of entitlement’ among cyclists on the road

Lincolnshire: Cyclist clashes with motorist over Highway Code

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Commenters believe the new rule changes will create a “sense of entitlement” among cyclists which will lead to incidents. Some readers have demanded road users be issued some form of road charge in exchange for more freedom.

The comments come after the Government confirmed new Highway Code changes will be introduced from January 2022.

A main party of the new rules is the introduction of a ‘hierarchy of road users’ system which gives priority to those who are most vulnerable.

In practice, the rule means drivers will need to give extra room and priority to pedestrians and cyclists while driving,

However, the plans have been attacked by readers who warned the new plans could make the situation “worse”.

highway code changes

Express reader Zulu1 said: “Wrong, wrong, wrong -the minority trying to manipulate the majority.

“Accidents will happen.”

Another reader added: “What looney came up with this as more cyclists will be killed by [their] own arrogance.”

Reader Sandel said: “Cyclists ride with a sense of entitlement that will now get a lot worse.”

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highway code changes

RichardAnderson4 added: “​​As a cyclist, I did not ask for this.

“All I want is to be recognised as another vehicle on the road and YES there are good and bad cyclists the same as car drivers.”

Reader SJF said: “Forcing a driver to give way to a cyclist undertaking him is deliberately engineering an accident, and how thick is a cyclist to attempt such a manoeuvre anyway?”

However, a lot of readers have called for cyclists to pay some form of road tax in response to the changes.

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