New EU speed limiters which may be mandatory in all cars slammed – ‘anti-driver campaign’

EU: Speed limiters to be implemented from 2022

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Ministers are set to announce consultation on a range of safety measures that would reduce the engine power of the vehicle and set off alarms if drivers exceed the speed limit. The measures would be introduced for safety reasons, but are likely to be backed by environmental campaigners pushing for lower speeds to reduce emissions.

It is believed this is the latest potential driving law to crack down on speeding, with police forces increasingly enforcing speed limits of 60mph on stretches of motorways.

On Friday night, Tory MPs suggested the “Big Brother in your cockpit” proposals were further evidence of an “anti-driver campaign”.

Craig Mackinlay, the Conservative chairman of the Fair Fuel UK Motorists and Hauliers all-party parliamentary group, said: “This will completely destroy the luxury car market, and I think there are so many aspects of the anti-driver campaign now that are coming to the fore.

“This is just more Big Brother in your cockpit. We’ll see more of this if we go up the route of road pricing. 

“I don’t think people have thought of the freedom aspects of all of this. It just sounds very unconservative,” he told the Telegraph.

The speed limiters would come in the form of intelligent speed assistance (ISA) technology, which uses GPS tracking and cameras to monitor the speed of the vehicle and the local limits.

Manufacturers and lawmakers are still debating how the ISA technology will present itself to the driver, from an alarm system similar to seatbelt alerts to mechanisms that reduce engine power or push back on the pedal when motorists exceed the speed limit.

Drivers will be able to override the system, but the technology will reactivate every time the car is started.

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Experts have warned that the system can occasionally fail when there are temporary speed restrictions or unclear road signs.

It is feared this could lead to drivers speeding unintentionally if they are relying on the inbuilt speed limiting technology.

Some car manufacturers like Citroen, Ford and Jaguar have already started to include the technology in some of its cars.

Greg Smith, a Tory member of the Commons transport select committee, warned that enshrining speed limiter requirements into law would be “totally unnecessary”.

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