New e-scooters technology could ban dangerous riders and reduce accident risk

GB News: Alastair Stewart discusses e-scooters

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Many have been critical of the road safety aspects of e-scooters following a number of incidents around the UK over the past few months. Voi UK is looking to end this trend by implementing several safety measures to protect riders, pedestrians and road users from incidents and accidents.

The e-scooter brand is currently being trialled in 17 cities and towns around the UK including Liverpool, Birmingham, Bristol, Bath and Oxford.

The brand has launched an introductory feature for new riders which will reduce the maximum speed of the scooter, allowing them to start off slowly to get used to the accelerator and brakes.

They also introduced the world’s first reaction test for e-scooters to discourage drunk riding.

The test automatically activates on weekend nights and encourages users with poor test results to use safer transportation alternatives.

Jack Samler, general manager at Voi UK and Ireland, praised the efforts Voi was making to make e-scooters safe for their users.

Speaking to, he said: “Infrastructure as a whole is something we need to invest in, top down from national but also local Government to get our roads in shape.

“We’ve invested in physical and virtual parking racks, and these incentivise and encourage good parking, which in turn reduces clutter and any risk of scooters being left in places where they could cause danger.

“We’re rolling those out UK wide and we’ve designed them as well in conjunction with the Royal National Institute for the Blind.

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“We’ve collaborated with them to ensure we’re doing designs and creating parking infrastructure that works for their stakeholders which is a really important thing.

“All scooters can be tracked by any member of the public and we have people on the street that are helping to push the Voi brand in terms of helping educate and inform riders when they are riding in the wrong way.

“We have a strike policy and that means that any user that goes against our terms and conditions and is caught doing so will get a seven-day ban.

“If they do it again they’ll get a 30-day ban and if they do it again from our service for life, which I think is a really important deterrent.

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