New DVLA caravan rules might not make ‘as big a difference’ to drivers

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Shane Malpass, spokesperson for We Buy any Motor Caravan said the DVLA’s new trailer driving rules won’t be a “new thing” for drivers to get a hold of. He said the new changes would just change the “weight slightly” and many who are upgrading their caravan before the rule change probably already had lighter ones.

The DVLA was set to change the trailer rules this November to allow motorists who passed their test after 1 January 1997 to tow heavier weights.

However, the new rules were delayed just days before they were set to launch.

The DVLA now says the rules will launch at some point in Autumn 2021.

Speaking to, Mr Malpass said: “At the end of the day it’s down to the driver and how confident they are.

“How prepared they are and everything like that.

“There’s an argument also to say the younger generation has taken their test within the last 20 years or so and probably know the rules of the road a bit better.

“Also, it’s not like you’re all of a sudden going from not being able to tow, to being able to tow.

“It just changes the weight slightly.

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“So it’s not like it’s a new thing.

“Most of the people who are going to be buying a heavier caravan have probably had a lighter one before.

“It just means you get a tiny bit more space inside that, space for a family of five or six without having to cram everything in.

“All they are probably doing is going from towing one thing to towing another thing anyway.

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