New car technology could combat the effects of hay fever while driving

Across the UK there are around 13 million people who suffer from hayfever every summer. As temperatures rise, typically do pollen counts which will trigger the condition. Pollen counts are expected to be ‘very high’ in the UK this week as Britain experiences a mini heatwave, with temperatures soaring up to 39 degrees. Hayfever sufferers will sometimes use medication such as antihistamines to offset some of the effects.

However, there are a few issues with taking these tablets and driving as sometimes they can cause drowsiness.

Other things drivers will do to reduce the impact include keeping windows closed and putting the air conditioning on recycling air mode.

Skoda has already offered a new technology which could negate the effects of the condition for the Scala hatchback.

The dual-zone Climatronic air-conditioning means drivers and passengers no longer need to take their own precautions as the technology defaults to an energy-saving recirculation mode and stops the pollen entering the inside of the car helping to reduce symptoms of sneezing, coughing and itchy eyes.

It uses a special cabin filter and air quality sensor to filter out the pollen.

Once particles which could cause sneezing or itchy eyes are detected, the system will automatically shut off the outside air inlet to stop the particles from entering the car.

According to Skoda a secondary benefit of this system is to provide quick relief when temperatures are rising.

Apparently, the carmaker has employed aerodynamics expertise to monitor the direction and velocity of the airflow inside the car to ensure that cool air is delivered quickly and efficiently to the driver and passengers.

In addition, the air-conditioning system uses multiple sensors to monitor both inside and outside temperature and humidity.

The Scala features an extra sunlight sensor that can detect not only the intensity but also the direction of the sun’s rays.

It can then adjust the air temperature for the left or right side of the car, for far more efficient cooling.

Prices for the car start at £16,595.

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