New BMW iDrive 9 infotainment update previewed

The latest version of BMW’s infotainment system will launch later this year

BMW’s iDrive is one of the best established infotainment systems to come from any car manufacturer and it’s set to gain a comprehensive update. 

We’ll see the revised system on the 2 Series Active Tourer and X1 from November this year, with the rest of BMW’s model line up set to follow. BMW says its “Operating System 9” will be based on Android Open Source Project software and is in development now. 

  • What is BMW iDrive?

BMW’s current iDrive system will receive an update before the next generation of software is launched, however. Labelled as the “8.5” system, it’s a revision of the iDrive 8 setup that most new BMW’s currently use. 

The main purpose of the new update is to make it easier to access key features sooner on the curved display. BMW has developed a new home screen with “QuickSelect” to remove the need to enter submenus. The main climate control functions will still be operated via the touchscreen. 

The iDrive 8.5 system will be rolled out onto the firm’s larger models from July, with the 7 Series, iX, i4, X5, X6, X7 and XM all gaining the new technology. 

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