Motorists risk enormous fines up to £10,000 for basic car maintenance issues

Halfords demonstrate how to check and inflate your car tyres

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Some maintenance issues are often overlooked by drivers, especially when going on holiday when many may prioritise other things first. Massive fines are on offer for drivers for not checking the condition of their car, with some checks taking just a few minutes.

By not checking the pressure of their tyres, drivers face a fine of £2,500 per tyre, for a potential total fine of £10,000.

This also comes with three penalty points per tyre and a six month disqualification for repeat offences within three years.

Having blunt or broken windscreen wipers also comes with a hefty fine of £2,500 and three penalty points.

All windscreen wipers must be “properly adjusted and maintained in efficient working order” as failure to do so could result in an impaired view of the road.

Section 34 of the Road Vehicles Regulations 1986 says that cars must be fitted with a windscreen wiper and washer capable of cleaning the windscreen at all times. 

The rule ensures that drivers have a clear view of the road to minimise the chances of road traffic accidents. 

If a car has no washer fluid, the motorist could be charged with careless driving.

With this charge, police have the power to issue an on-the-spot fixed penalty notice for £100 and three points on their licence.

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In a bid to avoid these unnecessary charges, drivers can get common items to help them avoid 

This could include tyre pressure gauges, cleaning and detailing products or even taking their car to a garage to have the windscreen wipers fixed.

Halfords is helping drivers keep their cars well maintained for the summer and looking better than ever.

Yianni Charalambous, also known as Yiannimize on social media, is a supercar customiser trusted by A–list clients to personalise their cars.

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He specialises in everything from car wrapping and interior overhauls to external paint protection.

Alongside his TV profile and new BBC Sounds podcast, Yianni boasts a social following of over 4.2 million people, he’s the go-to person when it comes to car care.

His past customers have included Anthony Joshua, Harry Styles, Sergio Aguero and Stormzy, but now Yianni is bringing his know-how to the masses.

Yianni said he wanted to launch car maintenance products to help drivers around the country keep their cars looking their best.

He said: “Yiannimize is here to disrupt the market. 

“After being in the industry for so many years and working with some of the most expensive cars in the world, I know what products work best and what it takes to really give a car that A-class treatment.

“The Yiannimize range offers an affordable and full solution to car care, with easy QR-code access to video tips and tricks from my specialist team, offering everyone the chance to achieve a professional standard clean at home.”

Priced between £7.99 and £24.99, the wrap-safe Yiannimize range is suitable for all paint types.

It includes two dirt-busting car washing products – Super Suds Shampoo and Ultra Snow Foam; as well as Exterior Finish and Protect solution to keep body work looking its best. 

A streak free Glass Cleaner, Interior Clean spray, specialist wheel cleaners and multiple other specialist formulas completes the range.

The Yiannimize range is available exclusively from Halfords stores and online.

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