Motorists flocking to petrol station promising ‘cheapest fuel in county’

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Goran Raven, the owner of Raven’s Budgens petrol station in Abridge, has some of the cheapest fuel prices in Essex. Located on London Road, the petrol station has seen a record number of vehicles in recent weeks after Mr Raven lowered his unleaded fuel price to help people as prices continue to rise and remain high across the country.

The 46-year-old said his team is putting “every effort” into helping people get their fuel.

He added they are getting through tankers of petrol at their fastest ever rate.

The cheap prices have led to queues of cars most days, with staff now having to manage traffic to ensure the roads are not blocked up, reports Essex Live.

The Raven family have been running the independent petrol station for nearly a century, first opening in the 1920s, and Goran Raven has no plans to stop anytime soon.

He said: “We are a completely independent petrol station, family owned and family run. My great, great, great grandfather founded the station in 1929.

“We have a price that comes in and I set a price for us to make a profit on top of it, but I never earn this much on it.

“Yesterday we had to have two tankers operating. One tanker would usually last us three days and I needed two in 24 hours. Traffic management now is our biggest problem.

“We are very community focussed. We’ve been in the area for 90 years, I offer a fair price. I have to put a few pennies on; it makes me look very expensive in a rising market, but in a falling market it’s low, very cheap.”

The petrol station is currently set at 169.9 per litre for unleaded fuel, which is cheaper than all other stations around the same area which have fuel priced at more than 180 per litre.

Mr Raven said he likes to put himself in the customer’s shoes.

He said: “I operate it how I would feel as a customer. If I think as a customer I’m doing it wrong. Everything we are buying in is going up, costs of wages are going up; we get it but we have got an opportunity to do something to help. I’m now busier than I have ever been.

“I employ 29 staff, they are currently very busy. Some of the customers leave things to be desired at the moment, but most have been here a very long time. It’s quite long days, but the team are putting in a big effort to help out.”

Mr Raven said his posts on the station’s Facebook page will now reach thousands of people at once, sometimes more than 15,000 people.

He added: “You can make more money by selling it cheaper but in long and large volumes of it. It’s basic economics. Word spreads now, especially through social media. Within half an hour of a post going up you can see the effect on the forecourt.”

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