MOT failures can be prevented by carrying out regular checks

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With MOT season just around the corner, drivers across the UK will be getting increasingly stressed about putting their cars through the necessary test. However, according to an expert, there are ways to reduce the chances of failing by carrying out some simple checks beforehand. 

Tom Hixon, head of instructor support at Bill Plant Driving School, exclusively told “MOTs can be a nerve-wracking time for drivers, with the prospect of a potential service bill or MOT failure eating into the bank account.

“But are there ways of reducing these chances and ensuring your car is ready to face its MOT?

“According to a recent study from the Bill Plant Driving School team, the most common causes of MOT failures are engine, brakes and seat belt issues.

“The best way of avoiding these issues is to have regular car checks and maintenance, especially if something feels off whilst driving.

“These regular checks can help avoid any serious damage and unnecessary bills caused by persistent and existing problems.

“The main piece of advice I can give you is to listen to your car, if something feels or sounds wrong, you are best getting it checked out as soon as possible to avoid further issues arising and your MOT being failed due to these outstanding problems.”

The experts provided drivers with a full list of the most common car faults that may lead to an MOT failure.

The ranking was formed by taking Government data, consisting of almost 9,000 car models, and then running them all through a tool to discover the number of Google searches for different faults. From this, the experts were able to ascertain which of these faults is most commonly occurring.

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Number of Google Searches (June 2018-May 2022): 567,030

Worryingly, coming out as the most common car fault are engine-related problems, which is somewhat unsurprising, given that a car’s engine has so many parts that help it run optimally. Most commonly, the engine is affected by damaged spark plugs, inadequate lubrication and a failing oil pump, the majority of which are relatively cheap repairs.


Number of Google Searches (June 2018-May 2022): 144,790

Brake repairs are widely known as a relatively common cause for car repairs, taking the number two spot here for common car faults. Within a car’s braking system, several elements need to be in excellent working order, from the brake discs and pads to the callipers and cylinders. Even a lack of brake fluid can be cause for concern. However, for the most part, regular checks and maintenance can often prevent serious problems with the brake system and save a new driver plenty of money.

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Seat belts

Number of Google Searches (June 2018-May 2022): 104,750

While a broken seat belt isn’t a major fault for the overall functioning of the car, it is a huge safety concern. Should a seatbelt break or even the seat belt buckle, it would be imperative that drivers get it repaired as quickly as possible. It is a relatively inexpensive fault to fix and could save lives in the unfortunate event of an accident.


Number of Google Searches (June 2018-May 2022): 68,180

This one is potentially one of the more expensive faults. There are a few things that can go wrong with the clutch, and most of them are due to parts of it being worn and in need of replacement, making it vital to do so promptly to avoid incurring heavier costs later on.


Number of Google Searches (June 2018-May 2022): 64,570

It does not need to be stressed just how important a component functional steering is, however, with over 64,000 searches from 2018 to 2022, it seems it’s an all too common fault. One of the most common issues related to steering is difficulty turning the steering wheel. This can be caused by the steering rack or power steering belt being worn out which can make it hard to turn the wheel. In addition, issues relating to a lack of steering fluid or damage to a hydraulic pipe can shut down the power steering. If any of these issues should occur, drivers should take their vehicle to be inspected by a professional mechanic.

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