Mercedes-Benz Malaysia to install 13 DC fast chargers in several dealerships this year to support EQ EV push –

Mercedes-Benz Malaysia today launched the EQA 250 AMG Line, the first of what will likely be many EQ models coming our way. While significant, the company understands that products are just one part of a larger picture and is taking a holistic approach with EVs that also involves improving the local charging infrastructure.

As such, the company announced that it will have 13 new DC fast chargers installed in strategic dealer locations this year, mainly in Peninsular Malaysia. These chargers will be made available for use by EQ customers at no cost until the end of 2023, and they can book a slot to charge their vehicles using the JomCharge app. The chargers are open to other EV owners – not just EQ customers – although they will have to pay according to the specific charger’s pricing.

On a related note, the first 1,000 EQ customers will enjoy a one-year subscription with JomCharge, allowing them to enjoy unlimited charging at a 50% discount at all JomCharge charging stations.

For now, the company has not provided a complete list of dealerships which will get the DC fast chargers, although we’ve been told that Hap Seng Star Kinrara has already completed its installation and other dealerships are scheduled to do the same by the end of Q2 2022. The DC chargers themselves will also have different specifications, with most being capable of outputting 180 kW, while the rest are able to do 120 kW or 50 kW.

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