Mercedes-Benz EQS Coming In August, Manufacturer Confirms

The flagship electric sedan, the EQS, debuts in August and it will shortly be followed by the smaller EQ-badged models.

Mercedes-Benz did not play it safe and just make an EV variant of the all-new S-Class, and it instead went down the hard road of making a completely different equivalent electric model, the EQS. The manufacturer has already revealed several EQ-badged models, the EQA, EQC and EQV, but all of these are just electric versions of the GLA, GLC and V-Class respectively.

This makes the launch of the EQS, the first ground-up EQ model from Mercedes more significant. The news that Mercedes is launching a flagship sedan should be exciting enough, but this one is electric, jam-packed with tech, it looks quite radical as far as sedans go and it also promises impressive performance (there’s even talk of an AMG version of the EQS) and range (of up to 700 km / 434 miles WLTP).

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We knew Mercedes was going to pull the wraps off the EQS sometime this year, but now the manufacturer has officially confirmed when that will happen. At the end of a press release about how eco-friendly charging the EQS will be, the manufacturer also mentioned that it will be officially shown this August; other models will follow shortly, according to the automaker, but no time frame was provided.

What the manufacturer didn’t mention, though, is where it will show the EQS and for which market. We know that since Mercedes skipped the EQC and EQV for the US market, the EQS was going to be the first EQ to be sold in the States, so it could be launched Stateside first. At the same time, Mercedes is a proudly German (and European) brand and it usually prefers home soil to show off its new models.


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