Mazda Artisan Red Premium – new colour builds on tech from Soul Red, Machine Grey, Rhodium White –

Mazda is no stranger to offering unique exterior colours and with the new special Artisan Red Premium colour, the company has revealed the latest interpretation of its signature red colour.

The new Artisan Red Premium was developed using Mazda’s proprietary Takuminuri painting technology. Takuminuri translates to ‘paint by master craftsmen’ according to Mazda, with the aim of giving mass-production vehicles a high-quality finish as if it was hand-painted by a master craftsman. This is achieved by using data – such as the thickness of the coating – obtained from simulation paintings performed by experienced real-life painters.

According to company, the new colour will be introduced as a ‘premium highlight’ in current-generation vehicles and subsequently in its new vehicles as well. It is the fourth Takuminuri colour since the first Soul Red was introduced in 2012. Past colours also include the Soul Red Crystal (a revised version of Soul Red), Machine Grey and Rhodium White Premium.

The concept design of the new Artisan Red Premium is based on the shade of red found in mature wine to project a more refined and sophisticated outlook as compared to past Soul Red colours. Like its Soul Red Crystal predecessor, the Artisan Red Premium consists of three layers – a clear layer, translucent layer and a reflective/absorptive layer.

On the translucent layer, a high-chroma pigment that is perceived to be the ‘reddest of reds’ is applied, as it was with the previous Soul Red Cyrstal. As for the reflective/absorptive layer, the aluminium flakes were more smoothly aligned at regular intervals. The same method was also used in the creation of the Rhodium White Premium colour. Improvements on the jet-black pigment, which creates a ‘shade’ in the Machine Grey colour was also applied in the creation of the new Artisan Red Premium.

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