Mate Rimac Shows Off 14 Prototypes As Nevera Production Begins

Rimac has been hard at work launching its second ever model, the fully-electric Nevera hypercar, and after five years of development when they used no fewer than 18 prototypes, the first production spec cars have now been built. The Croatian company expects to build the Nevera at a rate of 50 cars per year and they will cost from around $2.4-million.

The company says it put 1.6-million collective hours of research into this project, going through three powertrain generations before they created the finished version. And in order to make sure the vehicle complies with all the safety regulations from around the world, they had to perform 45 actual crash tests.

Each vehicle takes around 5 weeks to be hand-assembled, buyers will be able to choose between 36 paint colors (or go bespoke at extra cost), and you can even order the Nevera with a bare carbon fiber finish. However, Rimac notes that through the wide range of available customization options no two vehicles will be alike.

The very first Nevera, #000, will not be sold and it will be kept by the company (now officially called Bugatti Rimac) as a demonstrator and marketing vehicle. We did get to see it a few weeks ago at the 2022 Goodwood Festival of Speed where it where it was taken up the hill as sideways as possible with a man who knows it very well at the wheel, Rimac’s Test and Development Driver Miroslav Zrncevic.

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