Mars Campers Builds An Inflatable Camper Trailer Called … Space X

The camper trailers are slowly becoming a very viable option for those looking for a compact, smart, and relatively affordable camper. In addition to being cheaper than the fully-fledged campers and caravans, these trailers can be towed by smaller and less powerful vehicles, which means you don’t need a giant V8 truck to haul your camper. Plus, more and more companies are investing in R&D, which in turn means better products are constantly being introduced.

Mars Campers – a company from Australia – takes the camper trailer to the next level with one of its latest products. What you see in the gallery below is an inflatable camper trailer, offering beds for up to six passengers. It is a mix between a tent and a camper, offering the best of both worlds – the airy feel a tent provides and the comfort amenities of a camper. Oddly enough, this new model is called Space X Air.

Gallery: Mars Space X Air

The camper trailer is based on a large two-wheel rugged trailer. The inflatable frame tubes, forming the upper section of the living area, are controlled by buttons built into a dedicated control panel. There are folding stabilizer legs ensuring the trailer will remain stable during storms. You can either use the Space X Air as an open-air lounge with seats for up to eight people or as a fully enclosed bedroom for up to four grown-ups and two children.

It may look a little spartan at a first sight, though that’s not exactly the case. Sure, you won’t find the same space and features as in a fully-fledged camper, but you can enjoy a 24-inch LED TV and a waterproof audio system. A slide-out kitchen provides all the basic cooking appliances, hidden under an inflatable awning. You can store food and drinks in the built-in fridge and freezer, and enjoy a meal on the inflatable couches.

The Space X Air is already available for orders with prices starting at $39,990. More information can be found at the source link below.

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