Man fined after parking ticket was only valid for seven minutes

A driver has told of his annoyance after he was slapped with an £80 fine despite paying for three hours of parking and only leaving his car for an hour and a half.

Doug Forbes paid £2.50 to park his car in Gloucester city centre but came back after a meal to find a parking charge notice on his windscreen.

He had bought his parking ticket at 5.54pm but, despite paying for three hours, the ticket he received turned out to only be valid until 6.01pm, just seven minutes later.

Doug is not the first to have fallen foul of the overnight charge system at the city’s Southgate Moorings Car Park.

Mr Forbes, from Coventry, told Gloucestershire Live: “We visited Cheltenham and then Gloucester.

“We looked at the sign and put the money in. The sign said it was £2.50 for three hours.

“We knew it would be cheaper if we waited but we thought we weren’t going to sit around and get the cheap rate. So we just put £2.50 in the machine.

“Then the ticket said it had 6.01pm on it and I thought, that must be a mistake as I’ve just paid for three hours. I didn’t think anything of it.

“We went for a meal at Bill’s and then came back about an hour and a half later to find we had got a ticket. Then, I thought I’ll appeal but they rejected it.

“I actually overpaid for parking. I booked for three hours. If I had waited five minutes it would have been £1.50 for the whole night until 7am in the morning. So, I overpaid and I got fined.”

Gloucester City Council has not responded to Gloucestershire Live’s requests for comment.

Previously, a spokesperson for Gloucester City Council has said: “Southgate Moorings Car Park operates two tariffs, a daytime rate until 6pm and an evening rate from 6pm until 7am.

“Customers can pay for both the daytime and evening rate at the same time at the machine if they intend to stay beyond 6pm.

“The ‘Just Park’ app allows customers to pay for the daytime and evening rate in one transaction for their stay.”

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