Lyft Expands Daily Rental Service to Los Angeles

Lyft has expanded its daily rental service to Los Angeles, as evidenced by the service’s availability on the Lyft app for Los Angeles users. The service first started in West Oakland and the Mission District in San Francisco earlier this year.

According to the app, the Los Angeles fleet consists of two vehicle models: Mazda3, which can be rented for $29 a day, and Mazda CX-5 for $39 a day. The size of the rental fleet is unknown.

The vehicles are available to be picked up at one location, 5223 W. Imperial Hwy, near Los Angeles Airport, though the app states that the service is not available from the airport. Like the Bay Area rentals, Lyft will offer complimentary rides to and from the rental destination up to $40.

The rentals also come with unlimited mileage, discounts for weekly rentals, and refueling by Lyft at the local market rate. In addition, Lyft is offering discounted pricing for customers who rent from Monday through Thursday.

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