Limited-run Aston Martin DB5 Junior launched for new James Bond film

Just 125 examples of the dinky Aston Martin DB5 replica will be built – and, like the iconic on-screen car, each will be fitted with a range of hidden gadgets

The Little Car Company (LLC) has collaborated with the producers of No Time to Die to create a special edition version of the Aston Martin DB5 Junior, which pays homage to the full-size silver screen icon driven by James Bond throughout the franchise.

This special edition replica is a little faster than the company’s standard DB5 Junior, and it features a longer 80-mile range together with a host of gadgets, just like the car in the Bond films. Only 125 examples will be built, each costing £90,000 plus taxes. 

Existing Aston Martin DB5 Junior owners will also be given the chance to upgrade their cars to the new James Bond specification first, with the remaining build slots being allocated on a first-come, first-served basis.

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The bodywork of the DB5 Junior is a faithful replication of the full-size car, as the Little Car Company scanned an original DB5 to get its styling perfect. Like Bond’s car, the miniaturised replica is finished in Silver Birch paint and it features a scaled-down set of wire wheels.

Unlike the film car, though, LLC’s replica is a convertible rather than a coupe – but that’s only to allow parents to sit alongside their children. There’s also a range of “Easter eggs” dotted around the toy’s body and frame for the owners to find.

In almost every other respect, it’s the same as Bond’s car. So, there’s a set of deployable Gatling guns hidden behind the headlamps, a smoke screen system which exits through a fake rear exhaust and a digital version of Bond’s famous revolving number plate. All of the gadgets are operated from a control panel in the passenger door.

Inside, there’s a quick-release wooden-rimmed steering wheel and a set of period-correct Smiths gauges, which have been wired up to the toy car’s electric powertrain. However, the fuel gauge has been adapted to read the car’s battery charge level.

The toy’s electric powertrain comprises a 7.2kWh battery pack and a 21.5bhp electric motor, which has enough grunt to push the dinky EV past 45mph. The 80-mile range is double what you get in the standard DB5 Junior, while the top speed has increased by 15mph.

Some big names from the automotive world also came forward to help improve the toy’s chassis, with Bilstein providing a new set of dampers and coil springs, and Brembo offering some uprated disc brakes and calipers.

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