Kia Launches KiaCharge Pan-European Public Charging Service

We know the prices.

Kia (similar to Hyundai), announced its pan-European public charging service – KiaCharge, which will gradually spread over the continent.

The service, introduced in partnership with Digital Charging Solutions (DCS), gives Kia drivers access to around 160,000 charge points across Europe using a single account with a single application or RFID card and a streamlined one-payment solution.

Initially, KiaCharge will be available in Italy, Poland and Spain, followed by Austria, France, Germany and Switzerland. UK will join at some point in Q4 2020. More countries will be added over time.

According to the KiaCharge website, there will be three tariffs (and promotional pricing by the end of 2020). Here are the prices (including VAT tax) using an example of Spain:

From January 1, 2021 it will be:

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